Where is “The Worship Acoustifier” Now?

My name is Joe Barnosky, and I am currently at Horizons Church in Lost Creek, WV, serving as the worship leader for their youth group, LIFT Student Ministries. We have services every Wednesday at 6:30p and Sunday mornings at 8:45a, 10:10a, and 11:45a.

I record videos for the WA community on YouTube both at my home studio and at Horizons.

Until I can afford to make this site my full-time work, I am a Centralized Scheduler at WVU Hospitals in Morgantown, WV.┬áThe pay ain’t great, but the insurance is phenomenal, and it feels like where God has me, for now. At least, it feels like good stewardship to take care of my growing family’s health needs. Plus, it affords me a fair amount of thinking time to dwell on the nature of worship and the way we pervert it. Or don’t. But I’ve gotten sidetracked again…

You can become a patron of this site and my personal music on Patreon.

I am available for booking with at least one month’s notice; I only ask for traveling expenses and either a love offering or an honorarium. Please e-mail booking@theworshipacoustifier.com for requests; my wife and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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